“Fail to prepare, Prepare to fail!”

We have all heard this saying. Someone in your life has probably said this to you, usually your mum or nan when you’ve got an exam coming up. This saying is not only relevant for your academic pursuits but also your dieting and fat loss goals. This isn’t to say you can’t cook each and every meal as and when its time to eat, if you have the time to do this then lucky you and make the most of it. If you don’t prepare and try to eat on the go the likelihood is you will struggle to always fit this into your dieting goal and will probably end up forking out way more on food.

Meal prepping means you can plan out your calories and macronutrient intake for each day in advance. I encourage this if like myself you follow an IIFYM style diet where you want to know what you have to play with when it comes to the amount of food left to munch on.

Below I’m going to outline some simple ways how you can meal prep to fit your goals.

Double up 

The majority of people say they don’t have time to meal prep. I will be honest if you don’t have 30-60minutes spare then I’m guessing your Netflix binges are probably more important than your goals.

Most people have time to cook an evening meal so here is the simplistic beauty of the ‘doubling up’ method of meal prepping… you simply make double of your evening meal and have half for dinner and the other half for lunch the following day. This method of prepping is really easy as your making some food anyway so you may as well make some more and have it for lunch.

Cooking in bulk

This method is the more traditional meal prep method and is usually associated with bodybuilders with their billion tubs of chicken, rice and broccoli. When on a strict cut I personally am a big fan of this method as I usually eat very similar meals most days and having the food prepped means I have no excuse to stay on track.

The cooking time to cook in bulk is usually not that much more than cooking a single meal. One downside to this method is your fridge is usually full of Tupperware, but it does mean you can nail down your dieting phase.

Top tip: When cooking in bulk don’t be afraid to use a couple of different seasonings so you don’t feel you are eating the same thing for days on end. 

The Lazy F*@%!#r Method

Pay for a meal prep company.

There are more and more meal prep companies emerging which can tailor meals to your caloric and macronutrient needs. The Biggest downside to this method is that they usually cost an arm and a leg. These companies do offer a fantastic service and usually deliver to your house, but you will be paying double if not triple the cost of an average weekly shop.

Concluding thoughts

Prepping is a must in my eyes for a successful dieting/cutting phase. It allows you to potentially save time in the day as you are not cooking all the time even if setting out a little bit more of time to cook in bulk is needed. If you are smart with buying in bulk you can also save money. If you are short on time doubling up from the evening before or using a meal prep service can be great. Meal prep services can be fantastic if you can afford them but they do cost a damn lot more than doing it yourself.

Keep up the graft.


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